Soul Discovery Weekend

Saturday June 23 & Sunday June 24, 2012
8367 Santa Clara Drive   Dallas Texas
10 – 5:30  (90 min lunch break)
Cost: $225

Taught by Lauren Taylor

Often we find ourselves in the position of being less than authentic. We can compromise and inhibit our true expression in favor of putting on a mask of acceptable behavior. Our dynamism and aliveness chafes at this restriction and yearns to break free.

In this weekend, we will explore ways to reignite the fire that lies deep in our inner Nature. We will learn to identify and pierce the blocks that cover up who we really are.

For more information about this event or Soul Discovery Weekends, contact Annette at (214) 660-4278 or use the contact form below.

Download the flyer and registration form here
Igniting the Courage to Be Real

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